drawing, photography, digital compositing 
Each piece from this series begins as a tactile, flat drawing before being digitized and composited with multiple photographs, and finally printed onto textured archival paper. The photographs I use for this set of work are exclusively photos I shot during this chapter of my life. This process of starting and ending in a tactile paper medium, with much development occurring digitally, is meant to mirror the journey of returning home after being affected by experiences elsewhere. Having spent more time in various “in-betweens” than any “settled-ins”, my sense of home has gradually evolved into a space of comfortable dissonance. Meet me in the dissonance.  - Jocelyn​​​​​​​
Debuted November 2021-January 2022 in Columbia City (Seattle). 
Full series available for digital exhibition; select works available for print exhibition. 
Contact for fine art prints and reproductions.