DIY Home w/Joy (2020-Now)
A photo/video series documenting Joy's resourceful, hands-on, and aesthetically pleasing design and construction choices that have gone into the careful personalization of her home – from the starter condo to the first multi-story house and renovation. 
Shortly before they moved out of it and into their first house, Joy and Hugh invited me over to their condo (starter home) to capture some of its details. As Joy walked me from room to room, explaining the story behind various items or details, I learned just how done-it-herself their home was – a favorite memory is when I stopped to admire some wall art (3 rings made of rope) as Joy casually threw out, "I found that dog toy in a thrift store and hung it up as art." It could've been overpriced decor for sale at some minimalist, natural/reclaimed home goods boutique – I would've never known it was a dog toy. That's the talent of Joy. ​​​​​​​
Joy already had ideas for how to reshape their new house to better fit both her and Hugh's lifestyles. Inspired by her aesthetic, her scrappiness, and her determination, I inserted myself into some of their home renovation process and here's a bit of what we've got to share so far (with more to come).